I just somehow realized that there is a whole other (other) Facebook message inbox where people request to connect on Messenger. I've always ignored these notifications because I don't have and don't want Messenger, but I now realize I have dozens, maybe hundreds of unread and unanswered message requests that actually have messages attached to them. I'm sure I have deleted many of them as well.

SO to anyone who has sent me a message that I never replied to, I apologize. I'm going to start working my way through the backlog now. If you sent me a message and I do not reply in the next few weeks, please forgive me and send it again. There's an excellent chance I deleted it thinking it was just another attempt by Facebook to get me to sign up for their creepy Messenger system.
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Kerry Egan, writer shared America Magazine - The Jesuit Review's Fr. James Martin on Charlottesville: "White supremacy is the o....

America Magazine - The Jesuit Review
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Fr. James Martin, SJ: "Every time you shout 'White Power!' you might as well be shouting 'Crucify him!' And any time you lift your hand in a Nazi salute, you might as well be lifting your hand to nail Jesus to the Cross."