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Fr. James Martin, SJ: "Every time you shout 'White Power!' you might as well be shouting 'Crucify him!' And any time you lift your hand in a Nazi salute, you might as well be lifting your hand to nail Jesus to the Cross."

I wonder how many senators and representatives have spent time working in nursing homes, where 2/3 of the residents are on Medicaid. My suspicion is not many. I wonder if they understand the intensity of care required for people with end-stage dementia, COPD, Parkinson's disease, and other chronic conditions, conditions that can strike anyone. I wonder how many people who vote in this country understand what actually goes on in long-term care facilities and skilled nursing facilities, and what caring for and dying from these diseases actually means. I suspect people would not be so keen to cut Medicaid after all, or re-institute caps on insurance reimbursement, if it were their husband or wife lingering in end-stage Alzheimers, needing to be fed, bathed, positioned, changed, and never left alone for five years. And yes, that happens. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kerry Egan, writerAlso, to all nurses, aides, activities directors, SWs, maintenance people, chaplains, and everyone else who works in long-term care, you have my deepest respect, admiration, and gratitude.

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Stephanie CharlesI wonder how many senators and representatives have worked with special needs children and their families, many of whom cannot afford specialized care for their loved ones. This might be specialists, therapists, counselors, special school programs.. cutting Medicaid for people who may not be able to provide care for their children without it, is just wrong.

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Marie NicollI took care of my mother and her bills. There is seven of us kids. Why rely on anyone, when the family can take care of their own. Parents take care of us for years. We owe that back to them. Just mo.

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